I always felt I wanted to make something, anything just use my hands in someway. That feeling was with me since CDT classes at school but to be honest I was afraid of it. In life as a whole if I was avoiding doing something it usually meant that I wasn’t sure how to tackle what I was doing or it so filled me with dread that I couldn’t face it!

I decided three years ago to start to actually look at what I wanted to make or the skill I wanted to learn. I always loved motorcycles and really the dream was and still is to build my own motorbike and ride it till my head comes off!

This in turn lead me to want to make metal items and learn to weld. Welding was seen by me as some sort of voodoo magic that only amazingly clever people can do and a mere mortal like myself would never be able to master it! Well I haven’t mastered anything but in those three years I’ve gone from making wood burning stoves from wheels to making shop fittings for some high profile shops and also bespoke hand made furniture both for shops and homes.

You can do it! What ever that it is, you can do it! The only thing standing in your way is yourself and the baggage you carry around with you. I am now seen by people as worthy enough to make the items they want or need to either put in their homes and enrich their environments or to use to display products in their businesses, which help them sell what it is they sell!

Honestly if I can do this and go from working outside in my house to having a workshop equipped with all I need to make what I do, then so can you. It doesn’t make me money apart from the rent and the tools I need but it keeps me honest and makes sure I don’t slip back to the life I once lived. (if you don’t know me ill write about it one day!)

Come in and join us, read the blogs, comment and send me any question or hints you may have. If you think I am wrong say so. In the interests of sanity though if you are trolling for a row don’t bother you wont get the satisfaction here.

In three years I have made a dream into something that works and produces great items. If you want that I can help you simply by proving it can be done!