I’m Building A Studio Baby!!

I had an idea to go back a step in my life. I used to do the Saturday Breakfast Show on Recharged Radio and I loved it! When I wasn’t playing with the band I was doing that so I always had an outlet for showing off!! Nowadays I have no outlet for that as I’m more about business and furniture than rock n roll. Then it occurred to me that I have all the microphones in the world along with a small mixer and all the things you need to do podcasts.


Well I’ve been a bit busy making tattoo shops and learning to weld and make items that quite frankly I didn’t know I could make, but I’m now in a position to want to get back in the game!

I have a lot to say for some reason but also I know there are a lot of people who have just as much as me if not more on very interesting subjects!! Now I know you all aren’t going to be jumping for joy about a metalwork podcast so I’m going to do all subjects for all people with the importance being on a loose structure. I want conversation as well as facts let the conversation go where ever it does but all under a large banner heading.

Id love to do shows on tattoos (obvs) as well as ghosts, metalwork, life coaching, science and all kinds of subjects with guests who know their stuff! Also guest driven shows will always lead to talk about what those people find important!

What’s the first step to making this happen? Making a studio is the first step. Luckily I have quite a lot of space in my office at Madhouse Tattoo .


I’m building a purpose built table for putting the microphones on! Its important for me to make a table I want to sit at and looks and feels old and used when in fact I have only just made it!  The best way to do this is to use reclaimed metal and reclaimed wood! So the wood are very old and very warn scaffold planks that I literally picked up from the ground where they had laid In the mud for about a year!

Why the hell not just use fresh new planks! Well its because the best look you can get in my eyes is used warn down wood. I’ve scorched the top planks to add some depth and I will lightly sand it down and wax it within an inch of its life!!!!

It will give me a base of operations to go with my podcast watching base which can double as the recording studio. Then I will be planning shows and making them happen! I want to be informed about all the subjects and not just wing it like I have in the past so all of this will take time! My wife is going to help me research and I will finish the furniture and set it all up very soon!

Podcast Listening Station which can double as my studio!

Then we will be in business. What do you think? Are there shows you want me to do? comment on here if you have ideas or wants or any questions. Ill look forward to getting back in the podcast game soon!


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