Share Knowledge From Past to Present!


Poppies at the castle in the town where I live! Hertford Hertfordshire UK

I buy and wear a poppy every year and I make sure my 4 year old son knows why we wear them. My wife told me a story about a veteran getting a little upset as a parent was telling their child why we wore them but obviously didn’t really know herself.
It shows me that people have forgotten the pain and suffering that was lived through for our benefit on the agendas of governing bodies. You cant be angry about this due to the fact its the end result of the wars themselves providing a time of relative peace and calm giving people time and space to forget. I think it is important that we all educate and talk about the poppy, what it means and why it shows our gratitude.
Educating todays generations in this way means no one is made to feel stupid and there is no need for anger but the word continues to get out there. Children cant possibly understand what the men, woman and animals from the services went through in all the conflicts as life is very different now. They can be told however, why they are afforded the freedoms they are as well as making sure they know what sacrifices were made by telling the stories from their own families and people that they know who have ancestors who fought in these battles for freedom.
These poppies are not limited to celebrating the lives of our past heroes either from world wars but also anyone who died for their country in the conflicts of the not so distant past and even the events of today.
I never served in the military but for some reason this has always been important to me to remember why I don’t have limitations put on me that I might well have had if things had gone a very different way!
Thank you to all that have served both alive and dead and to those who protect us now! Stay safe and be mindful that a lot of people respect you and are thankful for your commitment to protecting this fragile life we all lead.
Wear the poppy but even if you don’t at least know why people do so you can pass on the reasons we have the freedom we do today.

Me and my Poppy I got a plastic one so it would stay on me!


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