The Bench The Table and the Anxiety!

When you make items, do you really care what people think of them? Or are you able to say things like ” Its as good as it’ll get and I’m sure they will love it!”

Wish i could!! I spend way too long worrying about it all. Wondering if what I’ve made is a good enough design or if its executed properly. Now don’t get me wrong I know when I’ve built something it will stay doing its job properly and it will be strong enough but I genuinely care what the customer thinks of their product. Remember its them that pay to keep you going in business.

For me making these items, whatever they are is important its not just another income stream (as its not in reality lol) its something i care about and i believe my customers see that!


If you just make things quickly, dash them off the phrase used to be then it will show in the work. My work is not perfect but it does two things: 1. It does what it is supposed to. 2. It looks as good as i can make it look.

Remember you are looking for customers for life not just a one off purchase. If you please people they will recommend you to their friends and slowly but surely your life will get busier. Always be realistic with time frame and budget as you will only end up in trouble trying to under cut the world. Price the job properly as people don’t buy on price they buy because of you!!

People don’t buy on price they buy because they trust you to do the best job you can and the money is well spent.! Do not try to be the cheapest try to be the best!! I have recapped on this because its the most important line i will write EVER!

I genuinely worried about this bench and table but as you can see it came out looking good. The most important thing is Kerry and Spencer and the girls are happy with it and even though the weather has been shocking they were using it when i popped round to say hello. That shows if nothing else that it functions and the customer is happy to use it!

Go out and build something today and care about how it looks like. It may not be what you think is good and nothing i make is perfect in my eyes but if you do not make things how will you know what you can achieve?

Happy new year and thanks for waiting for my blog to happen again! I will do a lot more blogs this year as i like writing and people seem to want to read it! If you have something you want me to write about leave a comment and ill build it into my plans!