Why Do I Charge £45 for a 3 bottle wine rack?

Someone sent me a message this very morning asking me: “Why do you think it is ok to charge £45 for a wine rack made from old horseshoes?”

That is a great question!

The first answer that popped into my head was to do something you should never do and answer a question with another question. Something along the lines of “Why do you think it is OK to ask me why I charge what I charge for my products!?”  Then i calmed down and thought you know what? Tell them why you charge what you charge and explain that these things are not as simple as they may think they are!

Dirty Horseshoes

Horse shoes come to me filthy from the hoof, literally. They have nails in and dirt that has been pushed in over the time the horse has been wearing them!

The shoes themselves come to me from a farrier called Dave, he’s a great guy and collects shoes for me when i ask him and delivers them as well! It’s truly a great thing and he is very kind! Now they turn up to me still caked in dirt and with nails stuck in them so obviously they need cleaning. Cleaning means i have to get all the dirt off them which happens in a two processes:

  1. Wire brush the horseshoe within an inch of its life to get all the mud and horse poo from the indentations in the shoe.
  2. Get a flap paddle sanding disk on my angle grinder and then clean the surface metal off the shoe and make it shine silver so it can be welded!

This morning i did the shoes i need to make a couple of wine racks tonight when i go back to my workshop after work.

After all the mud is wire brushed off then the sanding happens to give a weldable surface. Then comes the matching the differing horseshoes to fit together to make a wine rack the bottle will fit in and then you make each side and weld it firmly together.

Wire brushed Horse shoes

These have just been wire brushed and are waiting for sanding!

Cleaned sorted and welded

Then comes the fun part the welding! Make sure its flat make sure the shoes match and then weld them up!

Once they are cleaned sanded and sorted then you can get on with the fun bit which is actually making the wine racks or in fact what ever you make from the shoes it’s the same process. Be it hooks wine racks crosses or foot scrapers you have to clean them and sort them and weld them up.

Time for Paint

Time to paint them up black and send them on their way.

Then finally after all those steps there is the painting process. The paint alone is £9 a can so that takes up a lot of the perceived profit. Once the paint is done and its all dry then it goes off to the customer in bubble wrap and boxes.

3 bottle wine rack

The finished article


so lets recap:

  1. collect the horseshoes
  2. clean them with a wire brush
  3. sand them all down to get a clean weldable surface
  4. match the shoes to make the racks
  5. weld the racks together making sure they are flat and the bottles will slide in right.
  6. clean them off after welding
  7. paint them
  8. Package them up and send them out!

Now I ask you as I did the person who messaged me. Is £45 too much for a three-bottle wine rack?

Get yours right here and now you know what goes into making it you wont have to worry if you are getting you money’s worth! Click me for a wine rack

Oh and the best part of all this is when i explained why i charged so much they went ahead and bought one! So i guess sometimes its best people do know the details of what you do!


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