Christmas Products!

Now i have reached a stage where i am pretty sure, out of all the products i make which ones will sell for Christmas but it has not always been that way. Obviously working exclusively in mild steel i was limited at the start on what to make, let alone sell. I found solace in the arms of a horseshoe.

I decided however, that i would make these products my own, rather than just making the same things id seen round the place or on the interweb! There is one glaring example where i did do what everyone else does though because i was asked to and that was make a horse shoe wine rack! Life conspired against me by offering me money to make a wine rack for a customer, that triggered me making more wine racks than anything else my first year and i am grateful for the push!

Yet again like yesterday, my plan was altered away from what it started out as. This is going to happen in all things and remember to be flexible to a because money buys you freedom to some extent. Freedom to make and sell what you want but still having some stock of the things you know sell well.

6 bottle wine rack

This is one of two i made for the same person and it looks amazing with silver paint and full of wine!

3 bottle wine rack

I never wanted to make these but people love them so sometimes go where the money takes you so you can have the freedom to make what you want to!

So i wanted to make a small! Something everyone could afford and would be useful! Still with the horseshoes but new ones this time! I thought what is it everyone has these days and most people are glued to? IPads, Tablets and Mobile Phones. I decided to design and make an iPad stand that would also be good for Kitchen use with big recipe books so therefore open to a lot of prospective customers of all ages. It had to be cheap but still be bespoke and hand made! This is what i came up with:

I thought long and hard about what this needed to achieve IE: a tablet or a book resting on it so needed to be wide enough but also stable so the book would not fall over. I have sold a good amount of these as they are not expensive and serve a purpose that most people can relate to and therefore may need!

Always look at what people may need and like my wheel stoves, you may not know if they will sell. Once you have the design and how to make it sorted out make them to order so if you do not get any orders it doesn’t cost you anything.

There are a lot of little makers in the world so marketing is important too. Go see an earlier blog where i explain that! (Marketing Tips With A Twist!) 

Let me know what you are making it does not have to be metal work and if you are unsure how to sell what you make or want any pointers email me Here

All  your Christmas Products needs can be found on the Etsy Shop Right here you never know you may find the answer to your gift worries there!



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