The Dog Walk Both a Mental and physical thing! 

This here is my dog Lilly! She is a handful.

Good Morning. As i sit here and write this im thawing out after a long dog walk in the first really cold morning of winter. I have to get up at 6:15 every morning to take Lilly, our American Bulldog out when its all quiet and more importantly mostly dog free. Lilly always reacts with barking and jumping with other dogs as she wants to play as she is still a puppy really. These dogs dont really start to grow up till about three years old.

I was always a night owl. Living mostly at night in some vampiric state of rock n roll. Now things have changed, im usually in bed by half ten. Life moves on with wife, kid, dog and work and this means getting some sleep at the usual socially acceptable time. 

What on earth has this got to with anything i hear you ask?  Well, i now get up early to walk the dog and that gives me 30 to 45 minutes where i have the peace and quiet to plan my day and formulate some sort of plan.

Because i do my metal work around my day job i need to be careful i have an opportunity to make everything happen in the timeframe it needs to. The quiet of early morning allows me to think about what really has to be done by the end of the day or week and formulate in my head my plan of action.

Early dog walk with lets me calmly plan my day.

Why do this in the early morning? Because its quiet and as long as i hold the lead and keep moving forward my dog is happy which leaves me free to see what needs to be done or even worry about things as im a worrier. The space and time away from the house gives me the perfect chance for the calm needed to make my world flow better.

Find a time each day to give yourself some quiet away from the norm to create ideas or even just worry. That way you can have a plan and give yourself the freedom to get on with your tasks in a way that is productive and calm.

What time of day would work for you? 

See what my organised time lets me make. Click here to see!


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