How do people see you?

Have you ever wondered how people see you? I mean what light they see you in and what you are doing to portray yourself in the best light?

Pissed Jim

There are alot of photos such as this where im acting the fool or being drunk. This has no place in my business now and the way people see me in conjunction with the metal work has to change!

I made a habit of being too rock n roll for the longest time but now I’m doing metalwork and wanting to be taken seriously that just doesn’t cut it. I may have finally got to a position in life where I want to grow up a bit and be seen for being good at something other than drinking and being the life of the party!

If you follow me on any of the social media sites then you may well have noticed that all the pages that correspond to the metalwork and welding have all been branded in the same fashion even this blog page has the same brand now so everyone can know they have found the right place which ever medium they are looking at.

new brand cards

Now everyone on the street who gets a card or anyone who reads my blog or sees a Facebook page knows its me as well as it being a little more professional looking it creates an image I want to portray.

Before my logo was a skull in a cog. That is great for my tattoo shop or a band but it took me a while to progress to the stage where I wanted to be taken seriously for what i do not a fictional character i used to play. It takes time to get into the whole character of the metalwork professional and I am still not there yet but i am hoping that through my body of work and my successes so far people may see that I am serious about what i do and am no longer a person who treats life as somewhat of a joke.

My past and future paths are very different things and id like the metalwork to speak for itself. The logo is now very clean and minimal and by doing this id like the pictures of what I make to be the focus for people as well as portraying a level of commitment where i want and am actively searching to be seen as good at my job.

There will be a new website soon and also a proper way to order or discuss commission work. Its time for a change and I am making it now! I am not saying there is no room for fun etc in the social media posts but you need people to trust in you and what you do so playing the fool isn’t always the best way to do that. Im learning as i go with this so i thought id share that with you.

How do people see you?

Click on any of the links to see the branding






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