Let me give you some help you did not know you needed! 

So you are making a bench lets say! You have to make some box section into frames for each end of a six foot bench. You chop all your lengths to the right sizes. I always chop all the parts before i build anything, double checking each measurement before i cut them to the right size. It amazing how easy it is to get things a couple of mm out and that means bent legs and that on furniture doesnt work save that for your love life!

Always cut all of your pieces before you weld anything and prep them all clean so you can mock it tack it and check it!

Sparks are cool right!?

Once you have cut all your pieces then make sure the ends are all cleaned so you get clean welds! Then have a look at the big picture. How are you going to secure the legs to the wood?

What i do is drill the cross member to secure the wood, counter sinking all the holes. For those that dont know all that means is the screw heads will fit flat into the bar if you use a special drill head that carves out an indentation to allow this. Get a counter sinker as this looks so professional when your screws fit flat in the metal. Its a little thing but shows you care about what you are making.

Get those corners spot on using the welding magnets, make sure it all fits together perfectly and tack it on one side then weld the other side. Make sure you tack one side first as if you dont the box section will lift and the leg wont be flat to the frame as the heat makes it bend.

Once you are super happy with it all then weld it all up neatly. On this project i want the welds to show!

Its always the small details you need to pay attention to like the drilling and counter sinking before you weld the bars together. You can do it after but its all alot harder. Work smart not hard!! I learned this the hard way and that taught me how to do it right so i am sharing this knowledge so you dont have to struggle!

More on the bench in another blog but for now ive said alot!!

If you want anything made or want to know how to make something Email me by clicking here!


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