You Want Me To Do What? Be Adaptable.

You made your product lets call it a clock! You are proud of the clock and it can be no better! It sits straight on the desk and shines out in the light like a beacon of loveliness in a room of despair. (Sorry got carried away!)

Sits proud on a table

Shines out on any desk

Then the world spins more slowly for a second as someone sends you an email. They can see potential in your clock but they want to make………changes!!

I hate making changes because once something is done its done and that will do! That is all kinds of wrong though. If you want to sell what you make you have to be flexible you have to give the masses what they want! BUT only if its possible without having to remake the item and therefore making the money you are getting too little for your effort!

I charged this lady another £9 as she wanted gold paint and she also wanted it to be hung on the wall so there is another £6 plus i rounded it up to £20 extra so there is something for my time as the changes only took me 10 minutes. Greed is a terrible thing so do not be greedy charge the client for the changes but keep it grounded in reality!

Making new brackets

Bend and drill or vice versa bit of mig action its all done

Brackets on

Brackets done and straight now time for paint!

Paint is expensive on metal objects but what i did was charge her for the whole tin which means the next item in gold is paid for in advance which is another little tip in making future profit. With Christmas coming gold will be a colour well used.

Up for gold paint

The gold is on and ill let it dry! New hands and mechanism then in the box and away to America! All done with an hour

Try to be adaptable without compromising what you make or what you are trying to achieve! If you accommodate people you may well earn a customer for life rather than just one job!

What product that I make would you like to change?

Click here to see them all! What else would you like me to make?


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