Marketing Tips With A Twist!

Console Table

Hand made by me for use in front rooms or to work on or even by the bed as a night stand!

You have made your piece of work and you are proud of it, mine was the table above. There is no space in your house to keep it and you would like to buy that new set of spanners you saw at the shop last week! Well one could pay for the other couldn’t it?

We spoke yesterday about the amount you should price your products at (didn’t read it? never mind here is a link to How Much!!!!? ) The next step is telling people all about what you have made and how you made it but be very careful how you word things as it’s what you say that causes people to buy products they might not have realised they needed in their lives.

Most people write about what they have done and how it affects them. You know what? That only interests you and does not show process it’s probably letting everyone know you are proud of what you have done and therefore excludes everyone else from the scenario! Flip that on its head and write about what it can give the buyer not what it did for you and that starts to make your sales pitch all about them! That is what you want to do.

For example i used to write things like: This wheel stove was simple to make but made me realise what i could do in the future! That is great but its all about me baby and that is not good. What might work better would be something this: The wheel stove, although simple, can give your garden a focal point where you can keep warm, cook or relax in front of an open fire. This sets a scene and involves the reader and suggests a scene that they can picture themselves in. Be inclusive not exclusive.

Language and price are important but what really makes things worth while for you is getting the price you want for these items not setting a price that would be more enticing for the customer. Let me tell you a little secret! People don’t buy on price they buy because they trust you. If you can say the right things and set the right scene then they are much more likely to buy from you what ever the price. (within reason!!!)

Do Not Do This

For your every day stock products do not discount. Only discount for end of lines or something that you don’t mind selling for less as it needs to go!

Discounting may well work for the big furniture shops but they all have a yearly cash flow forecast built on bulk sales that you probably will not have the ability to copy so just don’t do it! If you discount to get sales in you are lowering your price and there is only one way to go from there and that is down! If you have a price that you are happy with and you think is fair then stick to it and work on your marketing skills. There are many out there who say they can help and will take your money without delivering anything but platitudes. Have a look at Vicky Fraser i bought her book and get her free emails every day and they really help to make you understand the way your customers think.

Have a look at her website here you can sign up for her emails and also she does a podcast every week that usually involves talking to her husband and drinking gin but more importantly making clear the dos and don’t s of marketing and copy writing.

Even if you only sell one thing a year you are a small business and making yourself heard is hard. Just having the best product in the world is great but the ability to get a good product to the customers is an amazing feeling and creates income!

I often do not say the right things but like i always say I like you am still learning. If you want to sell what you make find the right selling setting IE Etsy and after that use social media to get your message across. Remember, involve the end user more than talking about yourself and you will get sales.

See where you can get an item that will enhance your house or garden? click Here  (see what i did there?)


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