The Trouble With Being Me Is…..

Now the mists of stupidity have somewhat lifted from my life IE I am not a musician with a will to drink the world i am finding more and more that i want to please people. This is a total reverse of attitude from when i was Jim Distortion Lead singer of bands. Now i am finding that my calm is providing me the opportunity to see things from the sides of others! This is good and bad there is an upside and a down side to everything of course.

Jim Distortion rock Singer Mode

a different time in my life when maybe i hadnt realised quite how to behave!

With this metalwork i always want to do the best job i can and make the people who will end up with my work as happy as possible but sometimes that can go to far. You have to be careful to know your limits but also understand why you are doing something in the first place! What am i talking about you ask!? I’ll tell you.

When my life was me and a band or me and a bar i didn’t care much what others thought or did as the music was the end product and if people liked the band they would usually tolerate my rubbish wanna be rock star stuff! I never went too far but i had my moments. Now im using my hands to make things i do worry what everyone thinks as im a bit insecure about my talents but also if one person loves what they get then they will show and even tell others what they bought and who made it!

Now caring about all this is great but then it can go to far when you start to obsess about what people think of what you make and by extension what they think of you! That my friends is not healthy! Finding the balance and knowing when to say “Its Done!” is almost as important as doing the best you can.

Why are you telling us this? Well if you are still with me and reading on then ill tell you! Today i stopped ongoing work with a nice man who offered me what i thought would be the occasional welding job to help ease his stress in building his products. What actually happened was i had a sudden and large realisation that it was all too much and that if I was to do this regularly then id have to work before and after my day job every day of every week to keep up. These days with having a wife and a son and also a full-time job all of these would suffer if i kept that on working at that pace.

Above are pictures of the items i made and its a lot of work for a part time metal worker so maybe you can see my point as this was only about half of what needed to be done!

Even though i enjoyed the work and seemed to be doing it well that realisation was important. If you don’t see where you need to draw the line the thing that brought you pleasure would become a chain around your neck and that is when the fun stops!

I value every job I do and if i hadn’t of tried i would have never known my limits but you know what? I am glad i did as now i know what i can and can’t take on and also that its ok to choose yourself over others on occasions. My next project is a Gothic shelving unit for cds and game cases that is shaped as an arch! Keep coming back to see progress on that and all things that i make!

See the things i have made Right Here!


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