I Delivered Yesterday!

Not only did i make something for a client but i was there when it was put in place and saw the reaction of he people it was made for! This  was great! Sometimes you have to see the end-user and what they are going to do with what you made them and also see if they are happy with your work!

Very often if you make something and sell it over the internet you never hear from the people again. Some people leave feedback on Etsy or Facebook but most are too busy living their lives to remember. They are not ungrateful or rude they are just like you and me, busy!

I know the people I made the spider’s web for and the process of learning on that was great! Working out how best to make the frame and then working out the web construction as well as how to hand bend all the bar consistently.

Me at Rick's Tattoo Shop Gentle Micks

A shake after a job well done! I know Rick and Jed are happy and that makes me happy!

So being involved like I was I wanted to see it through to the end. I met Rick at his tattoo shop in London Colney and helped him install the web on his front door! I saw his reactions to the work and got to know him better while i was there. I felt a bit of pride that my work will be on their door for the world to see.

It means a lot to me and to my customers that I am genuinely interested in my products not just for the money paid. That kind of link to the people who buy from you will serve you well for sure!

See what else I have made people like Here!


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