I Am Struggling To Find The Right Way To Do This!

Often I am looking for a way to make something. The trouble with me is that I am always looking for the RIGHT way to do things. There are always a few ways of reaching the same goal in different manners. Which way is the right way?

They all are! If what you are trying to do has several ways that work for you but Mr Know It All tells you its the wrong way to do it, ask yourself two questions:

1: Can I do this safely and achieve the goal I am looking for?

2: Can I see another way that may save me time without cutting corners?

If the answer is yes to both of these things then how can your way be wrong?

I am not saying that you ignore people who do what you want to do and have been for years. You need to listen to them like your life depends on it but make sure you listen to the right people. There are a lot of know it alls in the world and experience counts when you are doing metalwork and indeed everything in life that you do. You may have sat down and worked everything out for yourself or watched a how to video or listened to old Mick who works in that field all day every day. All of these ways are right but its important you are comfortable and understand the process you are involved in.

Case in point for me. I was making the first table i ever made and i wasn’t sure what joint was best on the metal frame. Either you join the box section flat together or you use a 45 degree cut at each end to have the diagonal weld. Both of these are perfectly functional and easy to do if you have the right chop saw to do it! I knew that i did not have the chop saw but i could borrow one. The thing was i wanted an industrial look so i saw that all the industrial furniture was joined straight. I didn’t ask any one but i got on with it!

Console Table

Hand made by me for use in front rooms or to work on or even by the bed as a night stand!

The end result was a table I am super proud of and its type of tables are still sold in my Etsy Shop to this day. The point I am trying to make is that everyone will tell you a different way to do things but you have to find the way that works best for you while holding the knowledge of others in your hands as it were.

As time goes on your knowledge will grow and your confidence in your abilities will get to a place where you trust how you do things! Always, however good you get there will be times you need to look things up or ask but from the start, trust in the way you have found to do it and remember the two questions!

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