Furniture!!!? I Cant Make That!

I sit on a chair most of the day at my job in the tattoo shop when i am not on my feet with clients, talking through their artwork desires. I bought the chair, its ugly but functional! I sit at a desk all the time I am at work when I am not on my feet etc etc. Do you see where i am going with this? We all sit at or on furniture we all have places where we put our books or magazine and indeed places to sit on or at at home to. Furniture is something that you pick for yourself because you like it or it was cheap or it was just something you felt you needed.

I now can make my own furniture. We needed a new table for the entryway in our home and if I was to buy the table i wanted it would be way out of my price range. I said to my wife ill have a go at making it. To her credit she didn’t laugh at me she simply said OK and told me the kind of table she would like and luckily we agreed the design.

It’s a daunting thing making something that will be used everyday by your family or even by a customer as they will be reminded of you every time it does something bad. If it rocks on its legs its your fault! If it is not flat on the table top that is your fault etc etc!

Make sure if you are making steel legged wooden topped tables chairs or anything with a right angle in it you have a few of these:


You cannot do level straight or true tables or chairs without these guiding magnets! Make sure to keep the edges clean or it wont stay a true 90 degrees!

These magnetic beauties along with a solid metal flat and level surface will mean you can get all your corners the exact angle you want them and that is the key to making great furniture! So now ill show you the table I made. The wood table top was sanded burned stained and waxed so woodwork is even harder than metalwork but the two together I think, look great!

I love the fact that this can now sit in my house and the fact that when someone comes into the place my son stops the person and says “My daddy made that!”

It’s very satisfying to make furniture something people will use constantly and will stand the test of time. I made a console table in the same kind of style to sell which is available should you feel the need to have something now one else in the world has!

Console Table

Hand made by me for use in front rooms or to work on or even by the bed as a night stand!

I haven’t been doing this that long but already I am making things I never thought possible. What ever it is you are doing this shows one thing. If you are serious about your subject you can do it!

I was also asked to make a metal work bench for a customer but that is another blog!

Click on me to see more about the console table and you can own a hand-made piece of furniture that will last for years to come.


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