You Have To Start Somewhere!

Everything you do needs practice! Unless you are a naturally gifted human that can understand all concepts of a process all at once then practice is the only way to learn. I know, im sorry i dont have any fastrack suggestions.

Someone asked me to make a Darth Vader wood burner as they were and are all over the internet at the time. I said i would try and then avoided starting the job until one week from when it needed to be with that person! With me if i wasnt sure how to do something i would simply hide from it until i HAD to face it! This is not the best way to do things.

When you get a job in start as soon as you can! It may seem simple but there are always a thousand excuses not to start the job and before you know it time has gotten away from you. If you use all the time you have then any mistakes that are made can be fixed or you may even have time to start again, learning from your mistakes.

I made two with differing eyes to see what would work

I made two burners at the same time, slightly different eyes and doors to see which would work best. I didnt know anyone, or so i thought, with a plasma cutter then so i had to cut all the pieces with my drill and angle grinder. Making two gave me the chance to try out the same bits in a different way!

Now i have made about 10 of these and everyone slightly different due to finding better ways to make them or just trying out new things. There will always be variations when making things by hand but i like that. Everyone gets a one off item is the way i look at it! 

Each time i make one they turn out slightly different but that is what i like about making things by hand!

This is the last one i made. The process goes alot quicker now as i practiced alot. Its not perfect but its what i make and im proud of it! 

Take the time to practice what you want to do well and i promise you will get there!

Get your vader Here!


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