There Are Not Enough Hours In The Day!


I found myself in a weird place the other day. Metaphorically speaking!  I was sat on the sofa at home talking to my wife about what we need to do and how much time there is to do it. I suddenly realised that i had no clue how I was going to get everything i needed to do done.

There comes a time in all things, be it pleasure or work where you have to step back and have a look at the big picture. How you are going to move everything you need to make happen into a time line and please the people depending on you?

First thing is DON’T PANIC!! like Arthur Dent in The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy you need to not be overwhelmed with it all! I had a rising feeling of panic when i saw my hobby, the metalwork becoming something that would take over my life and stop being fun. I already have a full time job as I am a partner in a Tattoo shop Madhouse Tattoo . The metal work is done every morning and one evening a week and i have to get the jobs done in that time. The reason for my panic was that i had taken on too much and did not know when or even how to say no!

My wife told me two things. The first was that i just needed to organise my time and do the jobs that were ordered first. Secondly i needed to get a white board in the work shop to keep a visual list of what  has to be done and for when. This way when i walk in the door and turn the lights on i know whats needed first.

Like all women she is wise, I am yet to buy the white board but i do have a list of jobs and deadlines and also how much time these things should take. This works to calm you down and inform you of your next task.

The final thing i realised this very morning. You cant work in a mess. So my first job on the to do list is to tidy the workshop and get it into a state where all things are easily accessible and jobs can run smoothly.

Who would have thought i would finally realise after all these years that my mother was right, it does pay to clean your room!!!

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