Metalwork Commissions

These are what you are aiming for! Commission work makes life variable and keeps the world from standing still. I love the fact that one day I am making a wheel stove and another day I am making a spiderweb that is a lot taller than me, something the world will see! Well dwellers in London Colney will see it anyway lol!

Yesterday i went to our friends Kerry and Spencer to have Sunday Dinner, which is always massive and amazing whenever Kerry is doing the cooking. I have made a lot of things for this family from tool chest shelves to wine racks. I knew i would be asked to do something! Whats great is these people have ideas and know what they want but sometimes they are not sure of a design or even how to make it. That is where i come in!

They want a garden bench long enough for them both to sit on with a small drinks table built into the middle of it somehow. Now I have made tables etc etc but never a bench. You should never take on jobs you cant do!!! I have however made enough tables and stools and chairs to know this is a job i can do!! So i get to design and create a one off piece of furniture for my friends to! We agreed a budget and ill be showing you in future blogs how I am doing!

The last thing i made was a huge spiders web for Gentle Mick’s tattoo shop in London Colney and I am pleased with the reaction from the clients who love it so far! Its all about making the people that want things happy. That means you have won on two levels you have succeeded in making what they wanted and overcome the problems of actually creating something new!

All done just needs final welding and paint!

Weld i. The web while its hanging as that was you can see right away if it looks right!

Use a hammer to make the bends a bit deeper to keep the pattern going

Workong out the shape of the web

The straights are in the frame

See the bottom picture first and swipe up as that is the order they roll. I enjoyed the process! I did not know how to do it so i found a way to roll the re bar i was using into a round shape and cut the pieces to fit. There is always a way to so something and i found the best way for me using what i had.

The rim of this old wheel holds 6mm bar well so then you bend it in by hand till it wont go any further and any stubborn pieces you hit with a hammer! Works a treat!

Learning new tricks like using this wheel is what makes diversity of jobs important at the start! This wheel made it possible to bend the bar consistently making the web look better!

Learn from all your jobs push yourself and keep your head down! You will learn faster than you think!

Do you want something bespoke made for your house or garden? Drop me an email Here and you can find out the costs or even if its possible. I always answer any email so get in touch now.


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