What are you doing this for?

I'm part of Post A Day 2016

I love learning the processes involved in metalwork and as ive said before ill never stop learning.

I love the sense of achievement when i have made something and it has come out as well as id have hoped. 

I love the fact that i can make items people like with my hands and i dont depend on anyone else to make this happen.

The thing i love the most is this:

Its amazing to get an email like this.

I love to get feedback on my items and its not for the reason you might think. This email was from Ingrid and she bought a Wood burner in the guise of A certain Star wars character. I am alway very conscious of the fact that others can do things better than me and that maybe the things i make wont be liked by the buyers. 

Click on the picture to get your handmade wood burner

The Vader burner is hard for me as its small parts that have to be hand made and it has to look like the character ive styled it on. No its not an exact copy, no its not a perfect design but everyone who sees it knows who and what it is.

When i get an email like that i know that the people who have spent their money buying one of my items is pleased with what i made. Never be ungrateful for a sale as peoples hard earned money was just as hard to come by as yours so you understand what a big deal it is to get even the smallest sale.

Its not about ego its not about the pat on the back its knowing that what i make is good enough for the people that bought it! 

People love the wheel stoves and tell me so.

The wheel stove feed back is especially gratifying as its my design and the first product i put out and it still sells as i sold two this week so far! 

Get yours Here itll be with you in no time!

Come and see what happens on my facebook page by clicking Here!


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