There is Never Enough Room!

I'm part of Post A Day 2016

I first started my adventure in metal, much to my wife’s consternation, at my house! I had a gazebo outside but that really didn’t work out as everything kept getting wet and rusty. Power tools and water in the great outdoors in really not the one! The old guy who lives next door was always in my landlords ear about the noise to. I wouldn’t mind but i only worked for about an hour in the morning and then the place was eerily quiet due to the fact that i wasn’t there!

Outside workshop

The cold outdoors was the start of things for me

This outside business ended and to my wife’s further displeasure i moved into the utility room right at the back of the house. I made sure there was a floor covering that would stop me burning the place down and the walls had phone numbers and sayings written in sharpie on anyway from the last inhabitant, so mess wasn’t an issue. I would like to state at this time my wife has been nothing but supportive even when the whole pace smelt of metal dust so i have been very lucky there!!

Smallest indoor workshop ever!

You can see the whole work bench in this picture it really was tiny.

The indoor workshop was so small it meant that i had to weld in the funniest positions and angles just to get things done. I loved that little place as it afforded me the chance to get going properly and learn a few things!

Very Small workshop

One job going at a time and the pillar drill turned away when i wasn’t using it! Still got the job done though!

When i found the opportunity to go to foxholes and three of us team up to be able to afford it all i was amazed at the space there was and luxuriated in having the room to have a big bench and have three jobs on the go! I spent less time moving things to get to them to work with them or on them and more time actually working, it was an amazing feeling.

Remember though even in the little workshop i got things done. You use what you have and you have no need of excuses why you cant do this or that. Find a way to make it work for you as that’s what you have to work with! There is always a way even if its going into the great outdoors to work for a minute as there is enough space there!

The New Place

Large space wonderful feeling but make the best of what you have and aim to get good work out so you can earn a bigger place.

I guess what i am saying is make the most of what ever space you have. Use the tools you have until you can afford to upgrade that works for a bigger workshop to. Do not use what you have as an excuse for not doing something as there is always a way to get where you are going! Ill let you into a little secret this new place is fab but i could do with just a little more room!!!!!!!! Its never going to be enough so enjoy what you have!

I get to make some amazing things now as people have learned i can actually do it. Have a look what i make here


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