Take a Concept One Step Further

I'm part of Post A Day 2016;

So we all know that i started with wheel stoves but then i couldn’t make the same one product forever as even though practice is good, boredom is not. I do not know about you but things in my life go wrong when I’m bored, usually ending in some kind of drunkenness!! (No need to follow my example i have got into enough trouble for all of us over the years!)

So what happens if you take away one of the wheels and turn it on its side? Looks like there is room for some charcoal. Needs to come off the floor so i need to put legs on it! You know what if i make some kind of grill then this could be a BBQ i thought! You know what?  I was right!

One wheel a few legs and a grill!! Its bbq time!

I wanted to make a grill that was easily removed so the charcoal can be put in and cleaned out without any stress at all and also kept it low to the ground to make sure it was stable. Everyone wants to sit down when they are drinking outside so why not cook at that level to. I always try and make sure the products i make are usable rather than just a celebration of my ability to make things hard for people. Think it all through from start to finish see what wont work with what you are making as that way people will be more inclined to buy it. The grill material is one inch square mesh. Its thick enough to hold a steak bit easy enough to cut to shape that it can rest easily and securely on the inside lip of the wheel.

From this simple version one of my friends, Stevie asked for one but as i know he lives and breathes Motorhead i suggested we rock it all up a bit and make it a one off bespoke version just for him! He loved that idea, we set a budget and off i went!

I wanted to add a back plate to make it more substantial but also in that make it more rock n roll by plasma cutting some flames into that plate. Then it couldn’t be Stevie’s BBQ without an Ace of Spades symbol on it so i didn’t stop to think i just cut one from Steel sheet and instead of welding it flat welded some round bar as a strut so it stood proud from the front! This painted black was now Rock n Roll.

Stevie’s bbq had evolved a little from the basic model

All major companies use the evolution sales method. Make a product and then when that’s flowing make a slightly better one or one with a concept. Ill personalise these BBQs for anyone if they can give me a concept! So now from the simple wheel stove idea its grown into three products which now means i have a range of outdoor heat and cooking products. Sounds grand for a few wheels but its the truth none the less!

It looks great all fired up and cooks a mean steak im told!

What concept bbq would you have? Have a think then click Here to see the basic model it may help you visualise what you want and then message me. We can make it work have a think now!


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