Who and How can you get Help and Support From.


I'm part of Post A Day 2016

When i made the decision to get up off my chair and actually learn things. I had no clue what to buy, how to do anything or even where to ask. So i did what i have done my whole life and went to the pub.

This time whoever, i went with the thought that as i know a large diverse group of people, someone must be able to point me in the right way if not actually start me off. I was right. My friend Alex knew a guy who could weld his name was Alan Phypers and he had a little gas less mig welder and knew how to use it. I started there. I went to his house out in the sticks and he showed me the basics. How to join two flat pieces of sheet, how to do a right angle join and how to gauge if i am getting the right penetration with the weld. Without him i wouldn’t be where i am today but sadly he is no longer with us but he knows i am grateful i am sure of that.

Once you have that first step taken then basically it all kicked in for me. I practiced every day. I needed a stool for my workshop and i remember arguing with myself to get up the confidence to make one. I remember at the start i was terrified to make mistakes as i really thought that someone would come and tell me i was rubbish and take away my welder. I know that’s stupid but im being honest. I always felt i had to earn its use by actually getting good at what i wanted to do. I think this unlike a lot of other things meant something to me. I don’t believe in fate but if i did maybe id think i was SUPPOSED to do this metalwork stuff.

So what I am saying is, have some faith in yourself and find someone to help you just get that start!

After the initial start you find you wont have all the tools you need so i was very lucky in the fact i had someone who would let me use some of theirs and also give me advice when i really needed it! Simon at Iconic Vehicles check his H Vans out here. Ive known him most of my life as his brother was my best friend. He let me come down and use his chop saw and id ask a few things here and there. Always willing to help me with Plasma Cutting to which helps so much with the wood stoves. These people are who you need. Don’t take the piss and bother them all the time but ask if its OK to use something and ask them the question you have at the same time. Also when they need help with something then you make sure you try and give back. I still owe Simon bacon rolls for the last plasma cutting he did for me so ill make that right!

The last place i found help was Instagram. I found people very supportive and also willing to help once they knew i was serious about actually learning and taking the time to get things made and try my best.

The following people helped me a lot even if they don’t know it. Have a look at their feeds as the pictures alone will give you pointers in the right direction or at least something to aspire to!

Pete Barnes an amazing metal worker whos always been really cool!

Tom at Westcountry Welding supported what i was doing and was always there to support me with all the welding equipment and advice.

Russ let me make one of his firepits that he designed instead of me buying one from him truly a selfless act which i am still grateful for.

Someone ive never talked to but inspires me everyday with her sculpture and i see her videos and her instagram feed she has some amazing how to videos on youtube.

Get research done go and talk to people online. Remember everyone is busy and will answer when they can but you can learn so much just from reading their posts or following their Instagram feeds.

There is help everywhere so please go out and find it and if i can help you just message me or email me email me. Let me know anyone you learn from as we are all still learning everyday and love to follow people who know great things!

Take a look at what I have learned to make from all of these people helping me! click here.


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