Its not all hard work! Luck plays a part to!

I'm part of Post A Day 2017;

In all things you need lady luck to stand next to you a few times to get the ball rolling.  Then again can you make your own luck?

How do you decide what to make? When i first started out i made my wheel stove design. This is how i chose that.

I needed something i thought was simple to start me off. Obviously i knew nothing at all when i first picked up a welder but i did what we all do these days and looked at the internet.

There is a golden rule in this business when you are starting off. Dont be afraid to copy something you see just dont sell someone elses design without permission.

Id seen the wheel stoves on the net time and time again but when i tried to buy one i couldnt. It was a simple supply and demand issue. I wanted it but no one made it. Whats the next step readers? Yep make it your self Jim, get one made see how it goes. Well ive made a lot of these things now and it was a solid base to start things off!

My start in this business

I found that with each stove made i would learn a little bit more on how to do it better and faster. Now they dont take too long at all and i have found a supplier for the wheels which is the hardest part sometimes!
Repitition is a great way to learn how to do things better. When i first made these they were welded all the way round the seam so lots of welding practice. Then came making it look smooth and like there was no join at all. That took me a few goes but now its all good.

I dont know about you but i hate to fail at anything i put my mind to but you have to realise its a learning curve and you will need practice and also where possible, some help to show you the things you really cant master. Once you’ve been shown how to do it practice will make it so you wont understand why you had trouble in the first place.

I found that people came to me when word got out about what i was doing. They suggested things but more importantly they commissioned me to make things.

Rick came to me and asked for an Ironman wood stove to take round the motorcycle racing meets he goes to. He trusted me to make what he wanted and because i had no choice i tried my best and made it work. There  was a small issue with the door falling open but that was sorted by tipping it back a little when burning. He came to me and i didnt know him at all so Luck was involved in that. It could be said i made that luck by showing my process online from the start and i suggest you do the same. Rick and i are now friends so i cant have done too badly. Im making a huge spider web for him to but thats another blog!

This is the actual Ironman stove i built for Rick its the very first one i made

Social media is a great way of getting people to see your progress and then they may trust you to make something to.

Practice makes perfect and if you have the materials make stuff just to make it and get used to doing so. Find a product to start you off and get it to the stage where you can make it time and again, always the same and always perfect. Earn while you learn. Once you have it to the stage where people will want it, try and sell it. You may well be suprised at the reaction!

Like the look of the Iron Man Stove? Have a better look Here!


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