Simple items or hard to make pieces the process is the same!

I'm part of Post A Day 2016;

I am faced with the seemingly easy task of making some point of sale hooks for my friend Jayne’s shop, excellently called Goose Pig. Have a look at what she does Here!

Hooks are not hard to make its just bending some 6mm round bar cutting the base plates, drilling holes in the middle and welding the stems. Do you know what the most important part of the job is? Preparation!

Clean your bench and the pieces

Make sure you start with a clean bench and then make sure all the pieces are cleaned and shiny before welding.

Clean down your bench make sure you have room to do the job without having to move everything around.

Take your materials and cut everything to size all at once so you are left with the pieces you need to finish the job in one sitting. Then use a flap disc or sanding disc on an angle grinder to clean all surfaces and remove any sharp edges. Once every surface is clean and shiny it will weld better as there are no imperfections to stop a strong weld!

Materials Ready To Go

All parts are cut smoothed and shiny where they are going to be welded

Do every step to each piece as the process dictates but make sure all the pieces are ready to be welded before you put your hood on and weld it all up. Batch working makes the process faster and also can be applied to every job you do when making more than one piece.

Drill holes to weld the stems at the back

Always find the center and drill the back so there is no visible join when you have finished the job.

Draw a diagonal line from each corner top to bottom and you will get a drilling point for your stem to sit in the center of the base plate

Measure and mark where to bend on each part so you end up with uniform parts

Measure and mark where to bend on each part

Measure and mark on each length so you can have the bends in the same place so they all look that same! Once all the bits are cleaned, drilled and bent, get welding. Remember your welding set up is very important. Test your weld before you start so you know the wire speed and heat are right and get going!

Make sure to find a way to keep the stem straight in the drilled hole and face the hook in the direction you want it to face when you know its welded. I find it best to use magnets with right angles on to keep it all straight and true.

I use magnets with a right angle to keep stems straight up during welding

Finishing any project feels really good even if you made the same thing 100 times you will always do it that little bit better than last time but always use the same clean down batch cut and batch clean processes and it will make your work faster easier and in the end make for a better product.

The finished product

All three hooks done and the same shapes as requested by the client.

Final finished items, all the same even though they are hand made! Take pride in anything you make from a hook to a table that way it becomes part of your work process and all your products will turn out strong, neat and most of all marketable!

Want to see what i make? Click here Now!


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