Is Metalwork in my Genes? 

I'm part of Post A Day 2016;

I grew up listening to a story about my grandfather on my father’s side and it may explain a few things about what i do.

He was in the Navy in engine rooms on big ships he was an naval engineer and was basically in charge of keeping his ship moving. After a long stint serving he then retired out and was at a loose end and needed work to support his young family.

The only picture i have of Joseph my grandfather and his parents.

He spent alot of time in the garden shed building things and making old items new. Upcycling and recycling starting in earnest after the war because of all the shortages and rationing. So most of my fathers toys were made by his father and from what my dad says he was toy rich!!

He was hired by a small shop you may of heard of to update their electrical systems and design a system of lights that still shine on their facade today! Harrods, even back then was the pinnacle of retail settings and its great to think my grandfather had a hand in making and designing the massive genrators they had that powered all the lights and the shops needs.

My Grandfather designed the lights that light up the shop Harrods and the system that powered them. So my father says.

My father says i remind him of his father and he always thought id start making things for my son. I never met this man who seems to have influenced me so much as he died before i was born but he sounds like someone id have liked and listened to. It seems he could make a toy from just about anything.

Well my son is three now and i started three years ago so maybe there is an unconscious link there im not sure. Samuel hasnt had any toys made by me but he loves tools and things ive made so he does enjoy what i do. He of course has so many new toys that me making a little metal car wouldnt cut it but maybe i should try!?

Do you have a reason for wanting to do your hobby other than enjoyment? Do you think its in the genes? Let me know.

Have a look at some of the items he inspired me to make Click here to see something i designed and make!


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