How Do You Start Out?

Like ive said 100 times i always wanted to make things out of metal. I loved (and still do) watching Billy Lane and Indian Larry make bikes on the Great Biker Build Off shows. You got to see them actually making bikes from the ground up and that always fired me up! Do i now make bikes? No i dont as i dont know how yet.

Indian Larry and Billy Lane bike builders who were part of the push for me to start metalwork.


Its a massive pull to get started if you have a goal one that may seem completely out of reach at the start. Im starting to believe i can get there in the end though.

Watch these two master builders, one sadly passed now, make something out of nothing and then ride it 100s of miles! Watch Here!

Where am i going with this? Well i have only scratched the surface of metal work and with each job i do i get that little bit closer to my dream if you like! I have friends who build bikes who will help me but i will only start when i know i have something to offer the build. I could chop and weld a frame to make a hard tail now but what i really want is to be able to make the fuel tank myself and im a long way from that.

Alot of people take a lack of ability as a really good reason to stop trying. I see it as the opposite. If i cant do something ill learn, if i cant learn it on my own ill find someone to help teach it to me.

More and more i find that you need to have the right people around you to get where you are going. I dont mean to do things for you but someone who knows how to do what you want to do can point the way and help when you get it wrong or something seems impossible. Things are only impossible when you dont know how to do them. More and more im finding my own answers but ive never been afraid of asking questions.

You know that old saying you have one mouth and two ears!!?? Well its true listen to all the people who know, ask the right questions and never take knowledge for granted!

Use them accordingly

Ill stop preaching now but hopefully you get my point. If you are a beginner dont let that first step daunt you too much just take it. If you have been doing metal work for years is there something you dont know how to do? I bet someone you know does, ask them!!

Want to see what ive made that worked for me? Click here see what a beginner can do!


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