Why Did You Make That!?

I'm part of Post A Day 2016;

Sometimes i get a bee in my bonnet about something. I think i cant do it half way through and walk away from it. The space in between the times i look at the project often lets me calm down, think it through and work out how to make it work.

“There is literally nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it!” How many times have you heard that and thought RUBBISH! Well stop and think there may be a way. You cant be in a hurry with metal work or any kind of making anything. Take the time to give yourself some space to work out how best to move forward.

How long do you think it took me to work out how to make this item?

When i first started i had cheap hand tools to make everything i was confronted with. Not being a rich man i couldnt just go out and buy all the tools i needed. In fact i still dont have everything i think i need to have the perfect workshop. That is the best work training, as it makes you think your way through a project making the job work only using the basic tools you have. This means that if everything is harder at the start it teaches you how to deal with most things before you get the specialist tools. Work just gets easier with knowledge not better tools.

If you start making things you never know what tools you do need from the start. The more you look into your craft the more you know what does what.

I still use mostly angle grinders to cut and smooth and have only just got a metal cutting chop saw which my wife and son bought me for my birthday! I got it two weeks early because my son couldnt wait to tell me what my present was!! It has completed my ability to cut box section and bars straight so all tables chairs or trollys will always be solid with no wobbles.

I went to make a box the other day as the container for a gift for friends as i always think hand made gifts are the best! All my friends hate me as im sure they want something shiny from a shop but end up with something hand made from me or my wife. Shes a designer so together there is a crafy handmade vibe to most gifts we give!

I ended up losing my rag with the box as cutting straight lines with my angle grinder is never easy and i was a mm out here and there! So I walked away and went on to another job. Always in the back of my mind i was thinking about the problems and how to sort them. Ill do another blog on how i made it but rest assured after giving myself the space to sort out my issues then of course, the box got done.

After issues like my anger problems and finding the way to make the lid properly the box got done! Who knew a simple box wasnt simple at all!

Start as you mean to go on dont blame the lack of tools and make the ones you do have work for you. Also dont buy the cheapest as i have learned it ends up costing you in the end with replacing broken tools time and time again. Always buy the best you can afford.

It takes time to build knowledge but also takes time to build up the right tools you really need to do the work you have chosen to take on!

Let me know what problems you come up against. You never know i might have seen the same issues. Im learning every day new tricks but i dont think ill ever know it all!

Want to see what something i make? Click here to see the biggest thing i make for people


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