The Start of Things 

I'm part of Post A Day 2016;

I always wanted to be good with my hands to be able to make things but it always seemed to be something i wasn’t any good at. I always thought it was all to hard or some kind of magic.

When i got to 40 years old i realized that almost nothing is actually magic. So i bit the bullet and bought a gas-less welder to start on. At first i made a terrible mess but realised that i needed to simply slow down and let the wire melt along with the edges of the metal i was welding and it would all stay together. It isn’t any kind of magic its just having the willingness to learn how its done.

Ill never stop learning all about metal and welding as there are so many different types styles and uses for welding. I do know though now i have a professional gas welder that i don’t have to limit myself to what i make. I can make anything as long as its from steel maybe adding some wood along the way. Also if you cant weld it you can always bolt it so why limit yourself to just steel!!? For those that don’t know you can only mig weld steel. So for all other metals a good old nut and bolt will do until Ive managed to sort out how the other metals weld!

I started with wheel burners because they seemed simple and would weld easily as i learned how to do it. Literally two steel car wheels welded together with a hole cut out. Simple right? You’ve probably seen them on the internet and to be honest if its recently i probably made them lol.

They seem very simple now but back then I had to work out how hot to weld them, how fast the wire should come out of my welder and be careful not to burn a hole in the metal or over weld it as grinding the welds smooth would take for ever that way. Now Ive done so many that i don’t need to grind as the welds are neat and tidy enough that they actually add to the product being left alone. It also taught me how to use an angle grinder and measure and cut straight. These all seem simple when talked about but not so if you have never done it before!

The point to all this is that now i have worked hard to get it right it takes less time to make a better product than before but the learning phase took time and effort.

If you are prepared to take the time and put in the work i really think you can achieve most things you want to. Don,t limit it to metal work go out and do what ever it is you have always wanted to do!

Let me know how you get on!

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