Metal Machine

I'm part of Post A Day 2016;

When I started doing this, a long time ago now, i knew nothing about the mechanics of how to stick metal together in such a way as to provide a product. I thought all of the welding, bolting and manipulating of sheet metal was done by magic. To a certain extent i still do but now i understand at least some of the magic involved in what i am trying to do, which helps me actually make the items i produce.

In these blogs I hope to show you where i work how i work and what ive learned along the way.

This shows my growth but also may help some of you readers that not all metal work is magic and it can be done on a small-scale in a tiny back room in your house, which is where i started.

I now have a workshop on a farm as I didn’t want to cause my divorce by continuing and also i outgrew my little space but from small beginnings something rather bigger is taking shape.

With these blogs you may well be able to be apart of things.


My first very small work shop


This is the new improved huge version!